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Quantum of Nightmares: UK cover

In the before times, a mass market paperback edition usually followed the initial hardcover release of one of my books exactly 12 months later.

But we're not living in the before times any more! The UK paperback of "Quantum of Nightmares" is due in November, but there isn't going to be a US paperback (although the ebook list price will almost certainly drop to reflect a paperback-equivalent price).

So ... I'm open for questions about Quantum of Nightmares in the comment thread below. Ask me anything! Just ignore this thread if you haven't read the book yet and mean to do so in the near future, because there will be spoilers.

Because the novella publication date slipped into 2022, I have just one Hugo-eligible publication this year.

Obviously Invisible Sun is a no-hoper in the best novel category—it's book nine of a series in a deeply unfashionable subgenre—but it's also the last Merchant Princes book, which means the Merchant Princes series is eligible for nomination in the "best series" category.

(It's also eligible for the Sidewise Award for alternate history, but it already won that once, back in 2007.)

Anyway: if you enjoyed the Merchant Princes series this is the last opportunity to recognize it with an award.

So: what, if anything, have you published in 2021?

Thanks to COVID19 I'm not currently attending SF conventions in person, or traveling.

This means that for the time being there is only one source of signed copies of my books: Transreal Fiction in Edinburgh. Follow the link to order copies for mail delivery within the UK.

(You can also email for details of international postage, but be warned, Brexit has messed everything up, and we have a pandemic and a print supply chain crunch on top.)

Note that Transreal is not currently open to walk-ins—the ceiling collapsed just before Christmas, and Mike has the builders in. Hopefully he'll reopen within a week or two: in the meantime, he's operating as mail-order only.

Update (16 January): Supply chain issues have intervened and not all Transreal's stock has arrived yet. I'm staying home to avoid Omicron (I have a book to finish, I do not need COVID-induced brain fog), so I'm deferring my trip to Transreal to sign stock until they're all ready for me. This will not be before Friday 21st—most likely in the week beginning Monday 24th.

Back in December of 2016 I took a look at what the next year held in store for us. It spanned three blog posts and ended happily in a nuclear barbecue to put us all out of our misery: start here, continue with this, and finale: and the Rabid Nazi Raccoons shall inherit the Earth.

It is now early 2022 and I clearly wasn't pessimistic enough.



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