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This work is not in the public domain. This work is copyright © Charles Stross 1987-20032011. All rights reserved.

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  • Pass the URL (web address) of any of these documents to anyone you want.
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  • Copy these files and alter them in any way;
  • Represent yourself or some third party other than Charles Stross as the author of any of these stories.
  • Republish these works without my permission.
  • Sell these works or any derivatives thereof under any circumstances.

In particular, you must not create ebook versions of these works and make them available via Kindle, iBooks, Scribd, AO3, WattPad, or any other ebook platform, whether for money for as user-contributed material.

If you want to republish one or more of these stories, or otherwise make them publicly available (e.g. by putting a copy on your own web site) you should contact me for licensing terms FIRST. (Clue: I'll probably say "yes", but it's still polite to ask first.)


  • I'm putting these works online because I want people to read my stories. The magazines or anthologies they've been published in had a market of thousands or tens of thousands; the web has an audience of millions.
  • This does not mean that I don't value them. They're not abandonware.
  • This copyright note is nearly old enough to vote. I'm currently considering replacing it with a Creative Commons license; however, due to the presence of some of the work on this site in various anthologies, I need to cross-check a number of contracts before I can make any such announcement.



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