Perl Intro

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perl I use the Perl programming language a lot; in fact, I earn my living by it when I'm not writing.

This page contains various ancient bits of writing about Perl that I think are likely to confuse anyone who's starting out in this field. Or annoy them. Or convey understanding.

This is all old stuff, dating to the mid-90s. Don't assume it's good and useful, okay? I can't believe I wrote some of this ...

Perl Information Sources All you ever wanted to know about Perl.
References in Perl 5 Understanding Perl's implementation of pointers.
Common CGI scripting errors And how not to make them.
Terse and Ugly or Short and Sweet? How to write unmaintainable code.
The Perl 5 Zone Why Perl 5 is not like Perl 4.
HTML maintenance toolkit Some tools for maintaining webs -- in Perl.
use Lovecraft qw(cthulhu necronomicon); A not-so-serious comment on Programming Perl 5.
Simple servers: #1 Writing a simple server in Perl
Simple servers: #2 A Perl 5 module that implements a forking TCP/IP server

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