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Autumn Ale

November/December 1999. This rich red-brown ale has an aromatic initial note from the fine American hops which contrasts with the malty finish. More warming than its strength implies. ABV 4.2%
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Mick the Tick's 12,000th Tick

January 2000. A well-balanced, traditional copper coloured bitter brewed espcially to mark the 12,000th "tick" in the legendary Mick the Tick's notebook. The official launch of this beer was in the equally-legendary Maltings in York. ABV 5.8%
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Bears On Tour

February 2000. A rich, complex beer with a hint of honey, brewed to mark the first Six Nations rugby championship. Hoppy but not excessively bitter, the beer carries some residual sweetness in the honey character. Savour it whilst watching the games on TV. ABV 4.1%
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Emerald Oil

February 2000. It was green, but apart from that it was a fine hoppy bitter. Thanks to Steve Glover, who thought up the name. ABV 4.1%
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Hopping Mad

March 2000. A pale golden ale delicately flavoured with the finest hops. The beer has a delightful aromatic taste and bouquet. Blackcurrant, lemon, orange, vanilla and a host of other aromatic flavours combine to produce a quaffable spring ale. It proved so popular, it's now part of our regular range. ABV 4.2%
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April Fools' Ale

April 2000. A premium mid brown hoppy bitter brewed to mark April Fools' Day. A fine balance of hop flavour and bitterness combine with a toffee hint from the crystal malt. The initial malt flavour is followed by bitterness before the full hop flavour explodes across the tongue. One to savour. ABV 4.4%
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May-niac Mild

May 2000. A red brown strong mild once famed in the Black Country. Brewed to mark the Campaign for Real Ale's Mild Month, the hops used have been chosen for their aromatic overtones rather than bitterness.ABV 4.8%
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Head Brewer's Birthday Beer

May 2000. We let Iain indulge himself seeing as it was his birthday. ABV 4.4%

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