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Traditional Scottish beers are sweeter and less well-hopped than popular English styles.

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Similar to, but slightly darker and sweeter than the IPA, with overtones of honey. ABV 3.8%
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Golden Heavy

A pale golden heavy brewed in the traditional Scottish style. A recreation of a beer style from the days when there were five breweries in Fisherrow. A pale golden heavy that combines malt in the mouth with a delicate hop aftertaste. ABV 4.0%
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A mid-brown, slightly sweet session beer with a complex mouth feel and a light delicate hop finish. ABV 4.1%
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The traditional Scottish session beer, slightly darker and stronger than the 70/- with similar but more pronounced mouth feel and hop finish. ABV 4.4%
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Leith Dark Heavy

A traditional brown heavy. The fullness of the malt is complemented by the subtle use of hops in both the copper and the cask giving a delightful aroma which is echoed in the flavour. ABV 4.8%

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