Fisherrow Brewery: Press Release 16 Nov 1999

Fisherrow Brewery PRESS RELEASE

New Brewery Opens in Edinburgh

A new brewery set to open in Edinburgh on Saturday (20th Nov) heralds the return of brewing to the Craigmillar area for the first time since the closure of Drybrough's Brewery in the 1980's.

The Fisherrow Brewery, named for a former brewery in nearby Musselburgh which ceased brewing in the 1960's, is to start production in an industrial unit at Duddingston Yards in the East of Edinburgh.

But, despite the modern gleaming stainless steel equipment, the product itself will be completely traditional: a full range of cask 'real ales' brewed principally to appeal to Scottish tastes as well as a monthly 'special' designed to appeal far and wide.

Edinburgh once had dozens of breweries, but following the recent closure of the Rose Street and Firkin Breweries, their number had fallen to three: Fisherrow brings the count back up to four.

Head Brewer, Iain Turnbull, said "We will be returning to the market some traditional recipes which whilst familiar to more mature drinkers we are sure will be welcomed by a younger generation too. Our flagship ale will be Fisherrow Burgh Bitter which has an ABV of 4.2%. Whilst our Export Pale Ale will weigh in at a hefty ABV of 5.2%".

According to Chief Executive David Murray, "Our first brew, which is a special version of Burgh Bitter, will be on sale from this weekend in the city's better pubs and will be officially launched in Stagg's Bar, Musselburgh on Saturday. Stagg's is only a short distance from the original Whitelaw's Fisherrow Brewery which was closed by Whitbread in the 1960's".

Assistant Brewer Karen Hetherington, is one of the select band of women brewers in the Scottish Brewing Industry. In addition to digging out the mash tun and other traditionally male pursuits, she also is also a skilled graphic artist who designs the new brewery's pump clips. She said, "My favourite in our range is the Nut Brown Ale (ABV 4.8%) which is nice and chewy without being too sweet".


Note to editors and picture editors: You are invited to attend the official opening of the brewery on Saturday 20th November 1999 at 10am. The brewery is situated in Duddingston Yards which is just off Duddingston Park South. Thereafter, you are invited to Stagg's in Musselburgh to sample the product and partake of a small buffet.

Issued by John Hein (NUJ). Further enquiries to: David Murray on 07932 698550 or

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