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The "How to fall out with a friend" leaflet may be freely copied and distributed. Here is the artwork (complete with typos) in EPS format, with previews for different platforms. All of the fonts have been converted to outlines, so there shouldn't be any problems although it makes the files huge. Please contact Edinburgh Freethinkers if you would like the Quark Xpress (v3.3 for the Macintosh) document or another format.

A3 artwork
This is best if you want to send it to a print shop or you have access to an A3 photocopier and printer. It contains both sides on one sheet, so only one plate is needed and all the printer has to do is turn the paper over.

Macintosh version [1593Kb] | PC version [1152Kb]

A4 artwork
This is best for photocopying and output on A4 printers. The archives contain one document for each side of the page.

Macintosh version [1627Kb] | PC version [1179Kb]

Other leaflets, graphics and resources will be made available in due course.

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