• Commented on Writing tools
    Didn't know about PDFPen, O'Reilly use PDF as a wysiwyg prior to print, so I was ensuring figures were introduced properly etc. In general I'll use Preview to view PDFs, much lighter. Authoring workflow moving to all electronic is good,...
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    My wife lost a laptop to a power cord based pull off a table, the cord was wrapped around a chair leg, the chair moved and the laptop was pulled off the table. Several similar situations recently have resulted in...
  • Commented on More Flame Bait
    The unibody MacBook Pro that I'm writing this on is my fifth Apple portable computer, each one has been an improvement over the past in terms of the quality of the design. Brighter screens, magsafe, pushing for smaller video connectors,...
  • Commented on Writing tools
    I spent a lot of the last year and a bit in Scrivener writing a book for O'Reilly, Building Social Web Applications. I tried various tools including Word, Pages TextMate etc. What I liked about Scrivener was the ability to...
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