• Commented on Rule 34, meet Kafka
    My fear with overly-broad laws is always that prosecutorial discretion relies on being in good graces with the Powers That Be. People who make trouble, or that just don't belong where they are, tend to end up on the wrong...
  • Commented on Lies, damned lies, and popular beliefs
    Apologies -- although I assume the thought processes and social biases are similar there....
  • Commented on Lies, damned lies, and popular beliefs
    One of the tricky things is a lot of these statistics come from the same entities people are suspicious of, which makes them unconvincing. Tell a conservative, "the rate of Social Security fraud is under 1%," and their ready answer...
  • Commented on The Importance of Being Geek
    As someone who self-identifies as androgynous, and has also known some male-to-female transsexuals, I can tell you why most men don't earn their "woman badge": It has the opposite effect that you observed. Whereas a woman who tries to understand...
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