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    Basically this. I did think she was a reasonable character, and any character that moves from being a child to saving the world(s) will have some inconsistencies. She had to grow up. Quickly. And no, I haven't been a teenage...
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    That's like saying "Unless you've ever lived in a post-Singularity age you can't write about post-Singularity characters!" replace "post-Singularity" with any descriptor (Elf, worshipper of Cthulhu, vampire, etc.) I prefer to think of Terence "Homo sum, humani nihil a me...
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    Now, I didn't read all the comments (there are 52 of them!) and I do agree that Heinlein was a rather misogynist chappy...but Podkayne of Mars is a rather well written novel - and the protagonist is a teenage girl,...
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