• Commented on Changing my mind on nuclear disarmament
    Actually BASF was part of the IG Farben empire, which supported the Nazis not for anti-socialist reasons, but because the Nazis were advocates of autarky. Even back in the 1920s, far-sighted IG Farben had been worried about Peak Oil, and...
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    The Bretton-Woods system was doomed because it was predicated on the United States being a budget- and trade-surplus nation, which it ceased to be circa 1970 -- due the recovery of its competitors (chiefly West Germany and Japan) and combined...
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    Wasn't the domination of management by accountants one of the biggest problems with postwar British industry, as accountants don't have the inclination to invest in new technology that increases productivity and improves competitiveness?...
  • Commented on Thinking the unthinkable
    Given the current economic climate, I'm surprised that a political party hasn't sprung up with a platform "we'll leave the EU in order to be able to put tariffs on imports, and maybe ban Chinese goods altogether"....
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