• Commented on App store annoyances
    I think you're overlooking something. Apple has their concerns and we have ours and there isn't a heckuva lot of overlap in the Venn diagram. Given that Apple has a walled garden, it's very clear that what their most important...
  • Commented on Spook Century
    There may well be a very practical reason why the Laundry is, in fact, competently run: They're not fighting abstractions but real threats that will eat their souls if they're NOT competent enough to hold them off....
  • Commented on The map is not the territory.
    And this is probably one of the "unchangeable and fixed" elements of the universe. The earlier "Mitochondrial Singularity" post on March 25th mentioned us becoming symbiotes to our machines, and the possibility of us gaining dolphin-like echogram senses or seeing...
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