• Commented on Why Content Is a Public Good
    Note that it took Ubuntu five years to catch up with where Windows is *now*, not where it was five years ago, and the project is definitely *not* slowing down or resting on it's laurels. The next (10.04) release due...
  • Commented on Why Content Is a Public Good
    "The elephant in the room is of course that content is excludable as hell before it's released. No one's getting at that unpublished novel in Charlie's desk until he releases it." True. You might find the 'Street Performer Protocol' of...
  • Commented on Why Content Is a Public Good
    "Compared to these, is the desktop really fundamentally more difficult?" The short answer is no, it isn't. The longer version is that the barriers are in this case non-technical again, but rather than being external, they are largely cultural barriers...
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