• Commented on Competition Redux!
    The disciplinary meeting isn't scheduled for 4:53 on Friday afternoon. That's when the alleged infraction is alleged to have occurred....
  • Commented on The latest Hugo awards storm
    Odds that we could get Stephen Fry?...
  • Commented on What scared H. P. Lovecraft
    If you want Singularitarian Lovecraftian fiction... how about Vinge? Consider the revelations in Tatja Grimm's World. Consider the Blight. Oh, and Stoddard's comment @ 71, about an 'optimistic Lovecraft', made me think. Which statement is scarier? "Lovecraft was an optimist",...
  • Commented on Do Zimboes dream of Electric Sheep?
    @41 - sounds like the opposite of Greg Egan's [i]Quarantine[/i], where human consciousness has proven to be a scourge of the universe....
  • Commented on Grand Guignol Tropes
    Joan@69 - that would be 'Duryea-Gode disease', from Octavia Butler's classic "The Evening and the Morning and the Night", about the long-term side effects of the cancer cure. hope Mr Lamb does well....
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