Juliana Rew

Juliana Rew

  • Commented on Service update
    Sure, blog away. Although we did discuss it a lot while waiting in line at WorldCon to see one of your panels. Just passing the time......
  • Commented on Making history personal
    Wow. You actually slept in Oxford? There is so much to do there, no time to sleep. Pilgrimage to the Thames settings from "Three Men in a Boat," the Ashmolean......
  • Commented on Short Story: Bit Rot
    Verra nice. I've got Neptune's Brood on pre-order. BTW, it read fine (except a few typos) on Safari Reader, which I believe (ahem) ingests epub format....
  • Commented on Crib sheet: Singularity Sky
    Enjoyed reading this history of Singularity Sky. I've been reading your books in a sort of backward order, so just finished SSky. Here's my short review before I discovered the crib sheet: thewell-roundedgeek.blogspot.com....
  • Commented on Books I've written
    I guess my first question (hello, just signed in for the first time) would be: Do you do a lot of research for your futuristic pieces (of course you do), and is that secondary to the story you want to...
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