• Commented on Why I want Bitcoin to die in a fire
    @ 869: Thank you for the further correction- I meant Iranian branch of Indo-Iranian Famiy. As you say, while most Arabs, many as in Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, etc. are Shiites, and while Persians (Farsi-speaking Iranians) are largely Shiite, the...
  • Commented on Why I want Bitcoin to die in a fire
    A couple of factual corrections: 826: "Iran has one of the larger Jewish communities in the Arab world". While Iran has a number of Arabs in its southwest area called Khuzistan, most of Iran has a Shiite Indo-Aryan culture, quite...
  • Commented on Trust Me (I'm a kettle)
    @158: While I agree that PHYSICAL privacy is a cultural-concept (and a rare situation throughout history) ISTM that few cultures require complete and total transparency of thought and word from all to all....
  • Commented on The revolution will not be hand-stitched
    Re: Custom shoes- Re: Massive structural unemployment- I think there's a great deal of work for people to do, but much of it may not be "fun". For example, it would probably be desirable to reforest an area the...
  • Commented on Making history personal
    This is a bit OT, and if inappropriate: my apologies. Does anyone have an approximate estimate of how many pre-Industrial Revolution (however defined) buildings there are in the world that are still occupied/used?...
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