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    I should have added to this comment but somehow omitted - this is the original author's comment addressing this point....
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    OPENSSL_malloc is a macro replacement for CRYPTO_malloc. CRYPTO_malloc is defined in crypto/mem.c. It calls "malloc_ex_func". malloc_ex_func gets defined during the initialization. According to the definition in crypto/crypto.h: #define CRYPTO_malloc_init() CRYPTO_set_mem_functions(malloc, realloc, free) This definition sets malloc_ex_func to 'malloc'. That's the...
  • Commented on Heartbleed note
    I just read a very nice analysis of the bug here - http://www.hackerfactor.com/blog/index.php?/archives/606-Heartbreaker.html The author suggests that the issue is a bit overblown - certainly it is a potential issue, but not a "omg reset all your passwords now" one...
  • Commented on The revolution will not be hand-stitched
    I was in Malaga, Spain recently, and was dragged into C&A (remember them?). Interestingly, they had a whole section devoted to fitting and customising clothes - this would be unusual for a generic high street clothing retailer in britain. And...
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