Andrew Suffield

Andrew Suffield

  • Commented on Imbeciles: update
    Yeah, time to start pushing hard. His record indicates that he'll rebel against his party on issues that have major popular support, but otherwise not. If you can drum up a significant local campaign, that should get his attention. I...
  • Commented on It's a crime
    I don't think SF and crime fiction are inherently opposed here, simply because not all SF is divergent over the course of the book. Admittedly some of your work wouldn't fit with it too well, but let's consider the Eschaton...
  • Commented on Imbeciles: the second round
    Charlie @14, there's more to this one than just the whips and party line. With Labour likely to lose the next election and their seats at risk, backbenchers are more willing to buck the whip, since de-selection at this point...
  • Commented on Imbeciles: the second round
    Please arrange to see your MP as soon as is convenient, make sure they know exactly who you are, and have a good long rant at them about this mess. The government's pushing this one hard, so we need as...
  • Commented on Imbeciles
    We really need to kill this thing dead. I wrote a long email to my MP last night....
  • Commented on Still on the road, sort-of
    I find myself wondering when it becomes cheaper to shield from cosmic rays by making your "biosphere" large enough to retain an atmosphere via gravity - meaning planetary mass, albeit for a fairly small planet. I'm not talking about full...
  • Commented on News from the Future Front
    @35: Yes, this actually happened. It's just one of the many stupid things that has happened in the history of the Coordinated Online Register of Electors, which is little more than a national database of the names and addresses of...
  • Commented on News from the Future Front
    I'm not sure anybody is going to get single-sign-on in a practical sense. The problem is the widespread use of third-party applications that implement their own authentication system. Getting third-party vendors to support this kind of stuff is notoriously impossible,...
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