• Commented on Rhesus Chart: blood dripping fresh ...
    hey, it's already up on Audible, too! thought you said we'd have to wait weeks! initiate second purchase mode! time to abandon the project of trying to relearn reading with my eyes. I'm digging it so far about halfway in,...
  • Commented on One week to go to THE RHESUS CHART
    I'm sure it sounds totally naive, and I've heard you defending publishers before, but man. neverwilliever fully appreciate why there still needs to be a delay between completion of a project and publication, especially when there's basically no advertising for...
  • Commented on A message from our sponsors
    months on it reaching Audible! sounds like I'll be breaking out my EYES to read something for once, ugh, I thought this was the future. your new releases always take me by surprise, and it's always such a pleasure!...
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