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    My condolences to you and your family- take care of yourself during these trying times....
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    I rock up at 16.15 today and all there is is a queue for Peter Beagle. Gotta be quick off the mark at Worldcon it seems! On the plus side, nice to see so many happy (dare I say rapturous?)...
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    Things have definitely come on a long way in the last 10 years. The craft beer revolution has left Ireland awash with exciting indigenous zymurgic experiments, and even the most traditional of pubs will generally have a selection of microbrews,...
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    It's fair to say what Dublin lacks in specialist SF bookstores, it makes up for in public houses....
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    Great stuff. I can't justify taking the cost of Worldcon admission/membership out of the household budget, but I'd be honoured to buy you a pint around the fringes while you're in the Republic. ... er, especially if it increased my...
  • Commented on What I published in 2018
    Mother of god, €210 for attending membership for Dublin 2019!? I could go to Glastonbury for that money....
  • Commented on Apology
    Did you have a good time in the Republic? Accosted you on the street in Dublin, apologies for the apparent alarm caused. Keep up the good work....
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