• Commented on What else can you do with a Big Dumb Booster?
    I would be building a huge fuel depot in orbit. This would be for resale to all takers as well as quickly refueling orbital infrastructure....
  • Commented on CMAP: "Why can't I find audio editions of your books in the UK?"
    Finally I had a win. Even as an Australian, all the audiobooks for the Laundry series were available on Audible (I think they might have messed up my address and I use a gmail email with no country code). So...
  • Commented on The Ultimate Tech Frontier: Your Brain
    Saw your photo. Like the pirate look or are you covering up an eye implant. Love your books, fiction and non fiction, and can't wait until Apex comes out in audio (my preferred medium). I think your predictions above are...
  • Commented on Aftermath
    I just wish Britain had 3 year fixed terms so that if the people get tired of the scoundrels in power, they can toss them out before too much damage is done. Second thoughts also make the house of lords...
  • Commented on Aftermath
    Didn't I read somewhere that the SNP expect to get a "second chance" vote for independence out of the EU referendum, which as you said is a certainty now....
  • Commented on Aftermath
    When they do exit polls in the UK, do they ask people why they voted a particular way as well. I'd love to know the answer to that question. As an outsider looking in, I personally think the Tory willingness...
  • Commented on A brief, bitter quiz
    Why does the existence of IS remind me of how the US created the Khmer Rouge by accident during the Vietnamese War. The West needs to bite the bullet and give the local people what they want in Iraq. Split...
  • Commented on A brief, bitter quiz
    We now have Turkey joining the fray in return for the US not arming the Syrian Kurds. It's becoming a coalition of former enemies who are going to turn on each other if provoked. The Sunnis in Iraq hate our...
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