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    There's a real 27-symbol spell written in the magical language of 'Ruby' that might just do the job guys:
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    Jan, Britain runs on a First-Past-The-Post (FPP) system, meaning each parties share of seats is based on total seats won in individual electorates, NOT the percentage of nationwide popular vote they won. The popular vote was actually quite close between...
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    Other folks have tried developing methane/LOX engines but they've not been particularly successful hence the current fleet of commercial and government launchers based around RP-1/LOX, LH/LOX and solid motors. No, fully working methane/LOX engines for space flight haven't been developed...
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    Orion successfully launched at 7.05am ET! FORWARD TO MARS! TO MARS!...
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    There's more to do in the future! *Base jumping off Verona Rupes (on Miranda), the highest cliff in the solar system *Colonizing the equatorial ridge on Iapetus, one of Saturn's moons *Basking in the ringshine above the clouds of Saturn...
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    I'm implicitly assuming that we find our way out of the neoliberal economic rat-trap via a combination of (a) globalization levelling the playing field world-wide, (b) automation on a massive scale removing the "bullshit jobs" and leaving nothing but skilled...
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    Reminds of me a similar excursion into colonialism by the Scots Robert Zubrin (advisor to the Holland 'MarsOne' scheme) reckons a manned Mars mission could be done for $US 6 billion (see 'The Case For Mars') using existing technology ....
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    Ah, a naive singularitarian! Nope. Hard take-off Singularity is in the far future or may never occur. But it is not required. I am just anticipating that fast computer simulations and expert systems should lead to more rapid advances in...
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    Da, what I've learned is that the world ain't set up for our benefit, its mainly for the people at the top (Ian S's rule 7). But I've also learned that there's often no point in getting angry ; it...
  • Commented on Cameron v Churchill
    David Cameron said some strange things at the recent Tory party conference. He launched into an expletive-laden rant , check here:
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