• Commented on Why I barely read SF these days
    Fanboi-ish side note: I'd find a side novel of Victorian Laundry fascinating, bringing us back to Lovecraft's era......
  • Commented on Burnout, creativity, and the tyranny of production schedules
    Coming to this late, but I feel a lot of this pain. I'm going to obfuscate to protect the guilty and innocent. I am effectively the key writer on a magazine that comes out every 6 weeks. I produce around...
  • Commented on Random thought for the day
    I find the panglossian approach from the experts a little odd. It seems that the old system in bilateral treaties has been abused. It would seem remarkably optimistic to think the new system will not also be abused. Finally, Maurer...
  • Commented on Who ordered THAT?!?
    @Greg Tingey It's worth noting that the "libertarian" Tories are utterly useless while they remain inside the party. We saw this last year when the government signed off on UKBA officers masquerading as policemen at and around Stratford stopping every...
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