Julian Francis-Lawton

Julian Francis-Lawton

  • Commented on A Storm Of Stories
    Future Shock - back in the 70s - suggested people would manage exploding media growth by subculture and I think that was a good prediction. I think a lot of great stuff exists and survives only in it's niche. Then...
  • Commented on Thoughtcrime
    Greg - you're up the road from me then. There is something slighly amusing about the EDLs insistence that Walthamstow is 'muslim bandit country' and Brick Lane a 'no go area'. I think someone needs to get them an up...
  • Commented on Thoughtcrime
    14 - subtly missing the point, I think. I don't think anyone is suggesting the BNP siezing power is a realistic option, more an illustration of why we should not allow bad law because it is made by a 'reasonable'...
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