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  • Commented on A fistful of tropes
    Not exactly a trope, but what about the self-help book, or something like a story hidden in a manual? Exchange of letters, either love letters or some historical mystery? Speaking about collages - cyberpunk (retro-classical), or John-Brunner-like mixtures of story...
  • Commented on Empire Games (and Merchant Princes): the inevitable spoiler thread!
    Late to the party, but ... Great ending for a great series, I really enoyed "Invisible Sun". I second/third the comments about the German parts - some of the scenary description (like the colour of police cars) can be explained...
  • Commented on The unspeakable truth
    The bitter thing is that a right-shifting of the political discourse seems to happen all over Europe - true Fins and Swedendemocrats, anti-immigration policy in Denmark, AfD in parliaments in German states, with up to 25% of the vote (and...
  • Commented on A game of consequences
    Three words: Socialism in space! No, really: while reading the blog entry I waited for this to come up; could be bring together the positive sides of techno- and bureaucracy with some sort of societal commitment/ideology. (What is "gemeinschaft" in...
  • Commented on Towards a taxonomy of cliches in Space Opera
    Would Le Guins Hainish world count as (humanistic, down-to-earth (pun intended)) space opera? If not, why not? Not enough interest in hard science? Wrong tonality?...
  • Commented on Fantasy shibboleths
    Re: cultural inertia and dwindling magic: Zen Chos 'Sorcerer to the crown' comes to mind - even if the reason for a loss of magic in Britain is found (and somewhat resolved) in the story....
  • Commented on 21st Century: a complaint
    Problem with C21? Everybody keeps forgetting it's this new type of interactive generative fiction. Very artsy, but if you don't interact and let it run without coherent input, the outcome is somewhat random....
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