• Commented on Paging Agent 007
    We seem to be losing track of the identities of X, Y and Z. Perhaps they should be assigned code names instead of initials......
  • Commented on Fantasy shibboleths
    I haven't had time to read the whole thread yet, and I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but my one major peeve with fantasy literature is the dark lord who doesn't have any desire or motivation except to be...
  • Commented on Science-fictional shibboleths
    Pretty late to this party, but Star Trek teleporters annoy the hell out of me. Humans as a species have access to a technology that can manipulate matter on a molecular level. I headcanon this by supposing the transporter is...
  • Commented on Science-fictional shibboleths
    Has anyone written a story like this? "The Big Front Yard", Clifford Simak. A trader gets anti-gravity technology in exchange for the idea of paint....
  • Commented on Science-fictional shibboleths
    The thing that makes humans different from every other species is our need to believe there's a thing that makes us different from every other species....
  • Commented on Science-fictional shibboleths
    For me it's almost never the tech/science that breaks things for me, it's unbelievable human reactions to the tech/science. In particular, scientists who are informed of alien science and don't ask questions, or engineers who are shown advanced technology and...
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