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    whitroth @84: "But, as you know Jim, the US has the best healthcare system in the world...." Conventional wisdom (which I shared until I saw the following) has that as the common American opinion, but somebody thought to actually ask...
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    "What about the 20-year-olds? What will they do, when cars are no longer a thing you own?" In the US at least, some portion of youth would rather have a good smartphone: In Oregon five years ago, I happened...
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    I probably stated it a little too baldly, alyctes. I, and perhaps you, would put the results of Trump's record so far in terms of competence. Trump's lawyers, in impeachment proceedings before the House of Representatives, would put them in...
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    Assuming that Eric (# 470), or anyone else, is still interested in the probability that Trump can get in trouble for his campaign's Russian help, my assessment is based on the likelihood that Trump is so spectacularly disorganized that a...
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    Returning to the Noam Chomsky "The Whole Trump Presidency is a Distraction" link, his observation that every US cabinet official was selected to destroy their department (or at least those departments unconnected with the military or "security"), was widely remarked...
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