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    Thanks! Had seen the jazz fest details but didn't know about the parade, will check it out....
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    Thanks Graham. Arthur's Seat definitely on the list, I hiked up Salisbury Crags on my brief trip back in September. Historical stuff always of interest, so National Museum for definite - also walked past the Surgeons' Hall Museum yesterday, that...
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    Hi Charlie, as usual a fascinating thread (long time lurker, seldom poster...). My question may not be nearly as interesting as others... Currently waiting for a plane to Edinburgh to meet my son for a long weekend - do you...
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    How about a dentist? Could be a bridge to something new...😁 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostho_Plus (I loved that book when I was a kid - now I've found a full scan I'm going to see if it still holds up!)...
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