David Irving (no relation)

David Irving (no relation)

  • Commented on Crib Sheet: Escape from Yokai Land
    One of my deepest lasting regrets is that I didn't buy a Hello Kitty Fender guitar when they were available new for about $A200. Bright pink! Single pickup! What could be more metal? If you can even find one on...
  • Commented on The gathering crisis
    On the bright side, Australia's apparently in the market for some nuclear submarines. You could sell us some of your spares to raise a bit of revenue....
  • Commented on Tentative hypothesis
    Aah, log tables. I have a book with 64 figure log tables, inherited from my late grandfather, ancient and leather-bound. The foreword includes a nice explanation of how to calculate logs using Taylor's method....
  • Commented on Normal service will be resumed eventually
    Be kind to yourself. Losing a parent is hard - losing two in quick succession must be brutal....
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