• Commented on A Quick Infomercial
    Off-topic but the original more-relevant thread is old now. Re-reading Labyrinth Index (a delight again). Bumping against the explicit statements that Cthulhu et al are explicitly previous rulers of this plane/planet. So: who put Cthulhu to sleep, and how? If...
  • Commented on Dead Lies Dreaming: Spoilers
    Ha. I use Penrose as *the* example of 'uninformed and implausible theories' when I teach neural bases of consciousness :)....
  • Commented on The Laundry Files: an updated chronology
    I use Penrose in my classes as an example of one of the worst attempts to explain consciousness. Dennett is a delight to read and an utterly atrocious public speaker, alas. My favourite current layperson explanation of consciousness comes from...
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