• Commented on An AI app walks into a writers room
    I confess I use the WCML more than the ECML so fair enough... I stopped using the back entrance to Waverley after running into a "gentleman being pleasured" by a "lady of negotiable affection" on the Scotsmen Steps on a...
  • Commented on An AI app walks into a writers room
    Every West Coast Main Line and some East Coast Main Line trains I've caught out of Edinburgh also stop at Haymarket. If you live on the west side of Edinburgh and need to travel to Englandshire, there's rarely a reason...
  • Commented on Decision Fatigue
    I've been told this by a guy who was a Rapier operator in the 1st Gulf War. He also said they video-taped it and when the higher ups heard about the tape some very unpleasant MPs turned up and seized...
  • Commented on The ends of education
    Although much smaller than Wal-Mart, Tesco make them look like a quite a homely Mom&Pop operation in terms of their attitude to competition. Tesco in the UK bought up huge tracts of land, not because they wanted to expand, but...
  • Commented on Crimes against Transhumanity
    If you install the NHS App on your phone, that can grant you electronic access to your GP Health record (or at least it does in England, services are not always the same in Scotland). Of course whether i) this...
  • Commented on Yokai Land Q&A
    During the late 80s I worked for a few years in a govt dept managing supplies for an air force. My area covered amongst other things, fire suppressant systems. At one point we were busy replacing extinguishers on some older...
  • Commented on An update on the revolutionary experiment
    Of course that junction is boringly straightforward compared to the Gravelely Hill Interchange on the M6 in Birmingham: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaghetti_junction#/media/File:Spaghetti-Junction-Crop.jpg I'm not sure any would-be terrorists would even be able to figure out which part of the interchange to blow up...
  • Commented on Empire Games (and Merchant Princes): the inevitable spoiler thread!
    Actual 15TB SSDs are a thing now in the corporate IT space. Also as an ex-technical writer I'm pretty sure you meant to say TB and not Tb, although even TB and GB are falling out of use now amongst...
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