KEB (she, her)

KEB (she, her)

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    Should have added: Before I watched these documentaries, I had no idea that the peace conference left Japan feeling seriously shortchanged....
  • Commented on The ends of education
    Not from the US, but highly recommended: A 2008 National Film Board (of Canada) documentary, about an hour and a half long, based on Margaret MacMillan's book Paris 1919: A BBC (British Broadcasting Corp.) documentary, one hour in length,...
  • Commented on Crimes against Transhumanity
    kiloseven @1472 said, "I would financially contribute if needed to keep this place open." As would I....
  • Commented on Bad news day
    No, it was Big River in Canada. They shipped it on Feb. 23rd; I got it on the 24th....
  • Commented on Bad news day
    I see via the Washington Post on Saturday that one Roman Abramovitch, owner of, among other things, a US$200-million home "just steps from Kensington Palace," has taken his private jet to Moscow. Though my 'nym will be unfamiliar to you,...
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