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    Well, credit and debt aren't entirely eqivalencies. If you receive credit you may also be in debt, of course. But it is banks that seem for now and the future to be the only entities to issue credit. Credit crunches...
  • Commented on I had a blog entry for you, but it eated me
    Some of us might have liked living in an economic culture wherein rum was the medium of exchange and signification of credit. Prohibitionists, however, would probably have preferred the rice economy, which somehow in the country, despite the several stand-ins...
  • Commented on Work Is Never Over: On Publishing and Its Many Faces
    Yes, indeed. Speaking here as one very affected by the IPG business. This may or may not be on topic, but some writers are sneering at IPG along the lines of asking, "Why are IPG in the e-book biz at...
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