• Commented on 2512
    I'm not sure why everyone is talking about electrolysing Mars' rather rare water to obtain oxygen. You can get oxygen from a much commoner source. Mars is red due to Iron Oxide, rust which contains rather a lot of Oxygen...
  • Commented on 2512
    The Levellers were actually the second most radical faction around 1650 the Diggers were the most left wing. The Diggers were agrarian communists and as such significantly to the left of modern politics....
  • Commented on 2512
    The polling evidence is that the Scots are going to reject independence by a fairly large margin. It is possible that opinion might shift, but it seems unlikely....
  • Commented on 2512
    I have a strong suspicion that the statistic on company duration is highly misleading. Some companies are intentionally short term, for example each Glastonbury festival is run as a new limited company which is liquidated afterwards and the proceeds distributed....
  • Commented on Status update
    For some reason the typepad login doesn't seem to be working. I can login to the typepad site itself using my facebook account as an identifier but when I try the same thing to this site I get an error...
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