• Commented on Crib Sheet: The Atrocity Archive(s)
    This may fit better when you reach Rule 34, what with the villain's plot being stolen by Bernie Madoff, but since this series is set more or less "now" I'll ask it here. How do current events effect your writing,...
  • Commented on Why I Do Self-Publish
    can you self-publish and still get books on the shelves of public libraries? Sort of. As a general rule, most libraries can't support self-published e-books, because they don't have any way to distribute them if they're not available via one...
  • Commented on Press Release: Stross Uncloaks Secret Media Project
    It really needs some kind of nanotechnology in there. Like maybe the wasps have nanobots that give them their super-strength and speed. And I hear that there's this hip singularity thing that everyone's into these days, maybe that's what the...
  • Commented on An interim report from the coal face
    I have to say, "emitting" 4000 anything does not sound healthy....
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