• Commented on Crying fire in a crowded theatre for pleasure and profit
    > Many of us killfile her. (I do.) Some of us do not block her. There is an extension for Firefox which I use for this purpose and I can't remember the name... sucks to be the new guy, right?...
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: The Nightmare Stacks
    > the Alfar host could have been arrested by the West Yorkshire Metropoltican Police ................................................................^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I wish I was clever enough to turn this typo into something......
  • Commented on Terry Pratchett
    I may be one of the few who read most of Sir Terry's output in publication order - minus the original "The Carpet People," which I don't recall ever seeing here in XXXX. I read "The Dark Side of the...
  • Commented on Down tools
    > It's unlikely to have ever been distributed or sold outside the UK. It most certainly was, and is, available in any old newsagent here in Oz - both 2000AD and later the Megazine. I spent a lot of time...
  • Commented on Holding pattern
    Amusing fact about the 45rpm single of "They're Coming To Take Me Away" - not only was the B-side "ah-ah ,eh-eh ,oh-oh ,yawa em ekat ot gnimoc er'yehT", the *label* on the B-side was a mirror-image of the A-side....
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: The Atrocity Archive(s)
    Wouldn't it be part of the PM's brief? Ohgodohgodohgod - just flashed on Jim Hacker and Sir Humphrey discussing "the Laundry!!!!"...
  • Commented on Understanding Reader Reviews
    "psychoanalyzing the reviewers" ...For when the hair-shirt no longer pains enough, and you don't want the bloodstains from the barbed-wire one!...
  • Commented on Status update
    Should be me, as usual, via wordpress, this time......
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