• Commented on Making history personal
    OK, I knew my wife, Jane Jewell, would have something interesting to contribute. She slept in one of the caves in Petra, which are older than the city itself, about 1500 BCE by some estimates. She's also been inside the...
  • Commented on Making history personal
    Oldest I've slept in was Kasteel Wittem, in the Netherlands. Dates from the 11th century, don't know more precisely than that. I've visited several Roman ruins in the British Isles -- the Roman baths in Bath. I'd guess those are...
  • Commented on What are words worth?
    When I was in grad school at Indiana University, studying English literature, one of my best friends had a wonderful East Tennessee accent the first couple of years I knew him. He then deliberately proceeded to lose it, calculating that...
  • Commented on The map is not the territory.
    Just as an aside to Joan's point, we don't all come with identical abilities to smell, taste, discriminate colors, etc. Think of a painter, a wine taster, a musician with absolute pitch. I know one woman who says she can...
  • Commented on Things that keep me awake at night #1: The end of telephony
    I keep the landline because it's the only way to get DSL hereabouts, and because almost everybody likely to call me at home knows that number, not my cell. The landline is unlisted, which reduces the number of unwanted local...
  • Commented on The ticking clock, stopped
    I can say without much hesitation that I'd take it. But one of your conditions -- taking a year to gain a year of health, youth, etc. -- makes it a long-term decision for somebody past middle age. A 75-year-old...
  • Commented on Status update
    Testing from Google. Looks fine in preview....
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