• Commented on Press Release: Stross Uncloaks Secret Media Project
    All hail our Wasposaurian Overlords and your Russian Cypriot backers! ... and all cheques to Frail Pool? I approve. Dave :)...
  • Commented on The Algebraic Properties of Equality in SF
    I always remember Pagadan, from Agent of Vega. Dave Robinson...
  • Commented on Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!
    I will say that it is clear that the troll in question has not read anything from such Baen authors as Tom Kratman....
  • Commented on Zoom-Zoom
    Goes all petrolhead for a moment: 426 Hemi, not 427. The 427 was the side-oiler, made by Ford where the Hemi was a Chrysler engine. Dave Robinson...
  • Commented on Status update
    This is a test, this is only a test - glad to see comments come home....
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