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    Some things to bear in mind about the NHS: Anyone above band 6 is a "manager", be that a techie (and the entry grade for band 6 is waaaaay below "commercial" IT pay), or sufficiently trained nurse. Those "management" figures...
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    1.) Take the drug - getting old being so monumentally crap. 2.)Changes to long term plans will be highly individualistic. From comments above I'm unusual in that I have NO long term strategy: I and my relatives have been kicked...
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    And that last comment was totally off-topic! (I'm easily distracted). From my personal observations, the few people I've known with "deadlines" spent their time arranging as best they could their affairs for their surviving family. As someone mentioned earlier, that's...
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    The biofuels industry seems to have found a niche as a control on raw food prices. If the price of feed increases the biofuel plants (there are only a handfull of them) are switched off. If the feed price drops...
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    Re: "Togapunk" - first thing I thought of was "Lest Darkness Fall" by L. Sprague de Camp (written in 1939, so not such a cutting edge idea!) Back to the OP though (slighty late to the conversation, so if I...
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    Testing, testing, 1, 2, 1, 2 Hmmm - re: some of the comments above. The neurologist I saw called me a member of "the sandwich generation". Advances in medical care and changes in the economy mean we get to look...
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