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    What an odd co-incidence to find in a book. A writhing mass of detritovore worms share their name with the founder of Amazon. Also: I was sort of hoping, by around halfway through the book, that it would itself turn...
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    According to the number order of the comments, someone replied to my comment before I made it :S...
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    Hi Malthus! But sorry, you're 200 yrs too late :p Check the pop growth rates of the 'developed' world. We may or may not have overshot the sustainable mark in terms of pop numbers, but we're certainly not growing any...
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    Incidentally Charlie, is there any possibility with the platform your blog uses, to make comments editable? Who ever gets a draft right first time? And writing offline first is too much to remember! There should have been fewer "It's crazy"s...
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    This general argument was one of the intros to degree-level geography. Serves as a nice way to make you think a bit beyond save-the-whales. Basically there's a difference between conservation and preservation. The latter is Sierra Club-style, trying to maintain...
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