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    May I recommend The Dark Side of Disney?...
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    My favorite symbiotic relationship, that of the algae and fungi which form the lichen. My favorite purely parasitic relationship is that of the "whiskey fungus" Baudoinia compniacensis upon pretty much any surface around distilleries: it lives off of airborne ethanol....
  • Commented on The ticking clock, stopped
    In general, this would be a great boon to the self-motivated taking up or enhancing skills that take a long time to learn; I could also see it being a huge problem in industries which already require that. There are...
  • Commented on Context is everything
    As a Proud New Parent, I wanted to comment briefly on some of the Malthusian/neo-Malthusian/anti-Malthusian comments above, at the risk of derailing things back to an anthropocentric viewpoint again. Specifically: there is a qualitative difference in societies with low infant...
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