• Commented on Spoiler Thread
    Ok, so my thoughts on the situation with Angleton at the end: there seems a definite possibility that he has sealed himself - and the vampire - in the same sort of stasis field that was used in the warehouse....
  • Commented on On the road ...
    And I can recommend the Depeche Mode bar... if you like Depeche Mode. And bars....
  • Commented on No. Words.
    If there are any aliens with advanced medical technology thinking about making first contact, might I suggest that now would be a good time? Circumstances in the UK being what they are - our culture has a couple of very...
  • Commented on National Talk About Something Else Day
    I'm looking for a job for the start of December, and a way to fund my visit to my girlfriend in Japan over Xmas, and... um... checking news sites about NOTHING AT ALL, NOPE....
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