• Commented on All that is old is new again
    Ordered. And just when I was trying to pare down my books....
  • Commented on CMAP #8: Lifestyle or Job?
    Charlie, thank you for writing, and for writing well. That's not something I get to say to everyone whose work I appreciate, so I'm especially glad when I can....
  • Commented on Nom nom nom
    Congratulations! Palimpsest is my favorite time travel (among other themes) story in ages. Made me go re-read All You Zombies, as well....
  • Commented on PSA: New Book Deal
    I'm interested in seeing the full review product of the Charlie Stross brand. Are there spreadsheets? Personas? Like so many others, I find that the end of the month sneaks up so quietly. And then boom....
  • Commented on CMAP #3: What Authors sell to Publishers
    Re: Clerks A good example of the more distinguished use of the title "clerk" in the US might be the lawyers who work for judges....
  • Commented on Reality check
    Charlie, regarding the 3g, I'm clear on the fact that, being in Scotland, you don't have the...privilege...of taking advantage of AT&T's contractless coverage for the iPad. Still, given the March time frame, the user serviceable sim, and the existence of...
  • Commented on Reality check
    Charlie, it has two pane mail, at least. Also, given the micro-sim slot, are you thinking about getting the 3g + wifi or the vanilla model?...
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