• Commented on Service announcement: upcoming outage(s)
    AFAIK, it's recommended practice to redirect either the no-www or the www variant to the other, so that there's one canonical URL. This should help your Google rankings in that it converges all inbound links on the same final URL....
  • Commented on A Bad Dream
    Have you been following along with any of the commentators saying that China's system might actually be better than the current forms of democracy we "enjoy" in developed nations? For example, this TED talk: It seems to dovetail nicely...
  • Commented on Books I've written
    I think the emergent process for Accelerando (and also the exponential timeline in the stories) would make an interesting start for this project. Or, starting at the other end, I remember you previously talked a bit on this blog about...
  • Commented on 2512
    What, no ideas on what will replace employment? As a professional software developer, I can't help but feel a little guilty about what I'm doing to employment. I'm sitting here in my office actually replacing my colleague with bits of...
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