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    I've been told by an expert on canines that it takes three generations for feral dogs to completely adapt to the wild. Which is also the usual number of generations given for human families to change from "competent upstart who...
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    "Religions wax and wane over time; you can still find Zoroastrians, Stoics, or followers of the Norse gods, but they're relatively rare." More precisely, there are AGAIN followers of the Norse gods....
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    I get along without a car reasonably well in the Twin Cities; and it's getting easier. Living in Los Angeles without a car was...interesting, but I managed it for about ten years....
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    "...North American English is already diferentiating into (Mutually) unintelligible dialects; ever hear Ebonics?" Actually, African American English is the result of movement in the other direction. The pidgens spoken by first-generation slaves developed into creoles such as Gullah -- which...
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    The house I spent much of my childhood in dates back at least to 1859; can't be traced back farther because that's when the courthouse burned and the records were lost. But it had been extensively remodeled over the decades....
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