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  • Commented on CMAP #4: Territories, Translations, and Foreign Rights
    On the subject of translation, what, if anything, do people think is going to happen when auto-translate is included as a feature with eBooks, as the text-to-speech is with the Kindle at the publisher's discretion? Will it affect the idea...
  • Commented on Information, Freedom, Flame-bait
    Steam sales are also a great indication, by offering much cheaper prices they sell so many more that it makes up for it. But note that many of those cheaper prices are temporary, Keep it low and those new sales...
  • Commented on Information, Freedom, Flame-bait
    Information wants to be free, writers want to get paid. Isn't the trouble with even that more pro-writer version that it puts information and writers on the same level, to be balanced against each other? As Jaron Lanier also notes,...
  • Commented on Amazon surrenders
    I like the idea of giving away multiple formats, especially since some people sometimes end up getting illicit versions of books they already own in order to format shift. I'd also like to see backlist eBooks being temporarily set free...
  • Commented on Amazon surrenders
    unless we postulate that publishers are so good at their business that they a priori know how many people are willing to buy the book at what price Well yes, part of the art of publishing is making as good...
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