• Commented on More Sitrep
    I hope you're going somewhere a little warmer than Scotland at this time of year....
  • Commented on I have a new book cover
    As long as the kittens can type they'll be a worthwhile investment. Else they're just a money sucking source of brain parasites. Cute though....
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: The Fuller Memorandum
    London has a Brookwood cemetery? Ha, ha. Living in Sydney you become used to the fact that our colonial-era forebears had very little imagination and simply filched many of of the city's best-known place names from the Mother Country unaltered...
  • Commented on The last refuge of scoundrels
    Looking on the bright side, they'll be able to reuse almost everything when Rupert Murdoch carks it. Save a fortune they will....
  • Commented on The Anthropic Stupidity Hypothesis
    I'm afraid to say I think this is a good idea as that may simply provide further evidence for your hypothesis......
  • Commented on The ticking clock, stopped
    Damn, of course I'd take it. It's the only way I'll live long enough to write that book. Heck, it sounds like I might even live long enough to get it published too!...
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