• Commented on Gadget Patrol: iPad, a month on
    I'm not a Jobsware fan, but this sounds distinctly promising should I start travelling enough again to justify buying a netbook-sized device at that price point. But I'm still wedded to e-Ink as my ebook reading interface of choice. Yes,...
  • Commented on Amazon surrenders
    What Meg Thornton @51 said, with the exception that I'm not brave/stupid enough to have done the challenge properly. I've simply spent six months on a fic mailing list with a "no critical comments" policy, which I consider to be...
  • Commented on Amazon, Macmillan: an outsider's guide to the fight
    Hit and run comments accumulated over a couple of days, because I'm on the road. At random: Over in the romance genre, there are several thriving small press publishers doing nicely by small press standards on being ebook publishers first...
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