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  • Commented on Book Launch: Neptune's Brood, Edinburgh, Thursday
    I'd come if I lived a tad closer, but I'll settle for reviewing Neptune's Brood instead http://www.darkmatterfanzine.com/dmf/neptunes-brood/...
  • Commented on Happy Christmas! Here is a flame war in a can
    Donkeys are FAR too intelligent to starve between two perfectly satisfactory food sources. You know how, in Westerns, horses sometimes jump off cliffs? You never saw a donkey do that, now, DID YOU? You know why? THEY ARE TOO INTELLIGENT....
  • Commented on Things that keep me awake at night #1: The end of telephony
    What I object to is telephony being cheap for the scammers and expensive for me. I remember when my phone bill was about $40 per quarter (3 months), but these days it's about $160 per month between 50G download on...
  • Commented on The ticking clock, stopped
    I'd take the drug to feel younger and get healthier - I am 45 and starting to feel some creaks and see some lines :-/ In all honesty I think that the majority of people, myself included, would be less...
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