• Commented on Another deceptively simple question
    My personal guess is that the biggest change we will see in most books will be the loss of the linear, closed system nature that right now come so natural with the paper medium. I'm not speaking so much of...
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: The Merchant Princes
    Just to know, if one want to order your current omnibus merchant prince books, what is the most remunerative option for you? that we order the paper book or the electronical one? Especially if for a variety of reasons one...
  • Commented on Why I don't self-publish
    I think the main problem over this topic was splitting the discourse in things you as a writer with a personal set of preferences and quirks and workstyle are comfortable or uncomfortable doing, from things that in general are a...
  • Commented on Things publishers can't do (yet)
    In fact I said nearly :p I'm not underestimating the effort needed to organize a proper crowdfunding campaign, and for sure the project and the required sums must be well tought off in advance, to cover all the subsequent organizational...
  • Commented on Things publishers can't do (yet)
    But what about a nearly-zero-risk experiment like the crowdfunding ones? Choose a book project that your current publishers are not really interested it, but you think your readers could be. Do a kickstarter to promote it, saying that you pledge...
  • Commented on The ticking clock, stopped
    The problem is exactly the energy input. Chemical fertilisers and mechanized agriculture are the main sectret (together with genetic selection of improved cultivars) behind the enormous improvement of food production during the green revolution. And it's harder to build an...
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